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Number of pixels Image size ~2021 2022
300,000 pixels 1/4” MS-M34VU MS-M33NTDE MS-220U
330,000 pixels 1/3.7”
350,000 pixels 1/3” MS-M35PGM
380,000 pixels 1/3” MS-163WIR MS-193PWT
470,000 pixels 1/3” MS-M47HT MS-143HT MS-163HT MS-173HT MS-183HT MS-183HTV6/V12
920,000 pixels 1/4” MS-M104HDA MS-220U MS-144HDA MS-164HDA MS-164HDA-PS MS-174HDA MS-174HDA-PS MS-184HDA MS-184HDAV6/V12 MS-194HDA-PS MS-194HDA-PSV6/V12 MS-404HDA
970,000 pixels 1/2.9” MS-M103HU MS-143HU MS-163HU MS-173HU
1,200,000 pixels 1/3” MS-M123QVU3 MS-400U3G12C MS-M123QVU2 MS-M163QVU2
1,300,000 pixels 1/1” MS-M1310SXU3 MS-400U3G13C
1/3” MS-M133SUL MS-163SU MS-173SUL
1,350,000 pixels 1/4” MS-M134SU MS-M134SUT MS-144SU MS-154SU MS-164SU MS-174SU
2,100,000 pixels 1/2.7” MS-M2127FHAW
1/2.9” MS-M213FHA MS-163FHA MS-163FHA-PS MS-173FHA MS-173FHA-PS MS-183FHA MS-183FHAV6/V12 MS-193FHA-PS MS-193FHA-PSV6/V12 MS-403FHA
2,130,000 pixels 1/2.7” MS-M213FHDU MS-163FHU MS-173FHU
1/2.8” MS-M213FHUS MS-M213FHS MS-M213FHS32 MS-M213FHS26 MS-163FHUS MS-173FHUS MS-163FHS MS-173FHS MS-173FHS-PS MS-193FHS MS-193FHS-PS MS-193FHSV6/V12 MS-193FHS-PSV6/V12 MS-400FHS MS-403FHS
2,300,000 pixels 1/2.6” MS-M2326FHU3 MS-M2326FHU2 MS-400U3G23C
3,000,000 pixels 1/2.8” MS-400NE3
4,100,000 pixels 1/3” MS-M413HCBC MS-M413HCS MS-400HC
5,000,000 pixels 1/2.7” MS-400NE5
1/4” MS-M514U MS-M514U26 MS-M514U32
5,600,000 pixels 1/2” MS-M562FHU3 MS-400U3G56C
8,000,000 pixels
13,000,000 pixels 1/3.2” MS-M13032U3 MS-400U3G130C
Power supply Analog MS-PV25
Analog HD MS-PVM25AU
Monitor Analog/
Analog HD
DVR Analog/
Analog HD
Lens C mount 4(f=4㎜) 6(f=6㎜) 8(f=8㎜) 12(f=12㎜) 16(f=16㎜) 25(f=25㎜)
M12 mount 30(f=3㎜) 36(f=3.6㎜) 39(f=3.9㎜) 45(f=4.5㎜) 60(f=6㎜) 180(f=17.8㎜) 20(f=2㎜) 23(f=2.3㎜) 24(f=2.4㎜) 29(f=2.9㎜) 33(f=3.3㎜) 15(f=1.5㎜) 25(f=2.5㎜) 60(f=6㎜)

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